Zetzer Construction LLC
We are the construction company you are looking for
What We Do

We provide quality residential construction, renovation and rehabilitation. Your project, no matter how small or complex will be treated with care and attention to detail. Call Shawn to talk about the details of you project.
How We're Different

We are different! We value our time and yours, consequently we are prompt, skillful, organized and efficient. In addition to providing superior craftsmanship we are friendly and fully insured.  We look forward to showing you just how good the renovation experience can be.
How We Got Started

I started this  construction company after having apprenticed to James Interiors, and after working on some of the area's most beautiful homes. I attended Kent State University in the architecture department.  Twenty seven  years later, I am still excited about the business.

Please contact me at

Shawn Zetzer - 440-773-8621

Myrtle beach 
Acadia Maine